Leo R. McCafferty, MD, FACS & Associates Plastic Surgery P.C.

Leo R. McCafferty, MD, FACS & Associates, Plastic Surgery P.C.


Cosmetic surgery of the nose, referred to as “rhinoplasty,” is designed to treat a nose that does not fit the rest of your facial features.

Rhinoplasty can improve a nose that is too large for your face, one that has a bump or depression on its bridge, or correct a nose that is too wide. It can reduce a too-thick tip, treat a droopy tip and straighten a crooked nose. To improve breathing, it can widen nasal passages or correct a deviated septum.

How the surgery is performed depends entirely on the type of improvement necessary. Some procedures can be performed from within the nose, meaning there would be no external incisions, some involve making a small incision across the vertical strip of tissue that separates the nostrils, called the “columella.” And some, particularly in the case of nostril reduction, can require a small incision at the base of each nostril.

A small percentage of patients with a large nose will also have a weak chin. Chin implant placement at the same time as your nose reshaping might be suggested to provide better facial balance and aesthetics.