Leo R. McCafferty, MD, FACS & Associates Plastic Surgery P.C.

Leo R. McCafferty, MD, FACS & Associates, Plastic Surgery P.C.

Kristen M. Brown, DMSc, PA-C

Kristin M. Brown is a Doctor of Medical Science and Certified Physician Assistant who has been with our practice since 2015. She received her undergraduate degree from The Pennsylvania State University, her Master in Physician Assistant Studies at Chatham University, and her Doctor of Medical Science at The University of Lynchburg.

Since as long as she can remember, Kristin has had a passion for medicine.  Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery has always been in the forefront of Kristin’s interests and her exposure to the field has been plentiful. Growing up, Kristin jumped at the chance to follow her father, Dr. McCafferty, in every setting and is grateful that each opportunity only made her passion for the field grow. 

After graduating from Chatham and passing her boards, Kristin worked in the Emergency Department.  Shortly thereafter, Dr. McCafferty’s busy and ever-growing-practice was in need of a Physician Assistant.  Kristin was more than thrilled to accept the opportunity to not only continue learning from her father, but now to work alongside him.  With the additions of Dr. Flavia Davit and Dr. Justin K. Williams, Kristin is beyond appreciative and enthusiastic about working with and continuing to learn from such wonderful and talented surgeons. 

Kristin’s passion for medicine is evident by her genuine and caring approach to her patients. She is kind, thoughtful and always puts patient safety above everything else.

When she is not working, Kristin is spending every moment she can with her husband, Eric, sons, Jack and Bon, and daughter, Rae.