Leo R. McCafferty, MD, FACS & Associates Plastic Surgery P.C.

Leo R. McCafferty, MD, FACS & Associates, Plastic Surgery P.C.


Looking to create a stronger chin and a more balanced profile? Chin augmentation may be the right solution for you.

To subtly enlarge a recessed chin, a small incision is made either through the mouth or through the natural crease under the chin. An implant is then inserted over the chin through the incision. This can be done as a standalone procedure, or in conjunction with other procedures.

There are a number of procedures that are commonly performed in combination with chin augmentation. A chin that is relatively weak may accompany a nose that is too large. In this case, overall profile and facial balance can be easily improved by reducing the size of the nose, while adding a chin implant. The displeasing combination of a weak chin and fatty neck can be converted to a more pleasing profile by placing a chin implant at the time of neck liposuction. Likewise, a chin implant may be recommended in conjunction with a facelift to enhance overall jawline and neck rejuvenation.

Chin augmentation can be performed quickly, with little bruising, and a rapid recovery.